Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The rise of Machines!

Machines were not supposed to replace humans; instead, they are here to make everything efficient. RPA is making its mark in the IT industry for the past few decades.

RPA is meant to increase productivity and reduce errors made in mundane and tedious work done manually by humans. It does raise the question of job losses in the IT industry due to the democratization of RPA.

The Innovations; you can’t refuse!

Technological revolutions have automated the mundane processes through AI and Machine Learning, which can change the fundamental structure of the workforce itself. These technologies can help save time while processing the mundane, repetitive manual tasks. As the innovations evolve, the human-machine interaction might increase on a more profound level leading to a much successive customer satisfaction rate.

Upscaling human skills in the future workforce:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has opened up immense opportunities for organizations to streamline mundane and repetitive tasks while re-focussing human efforts on higher-value tasks. The advancement in RPA and AI technologies has the potential to change the fundamental way of operating the processes in multiple functions such as customer service, business operations, IT, HR, and Finance. As the bots automate these processes, humans have enough time to focus on increasing operational efficiency and to improve their skills.

The industry experts are focusing on improving operational efficiency through RPA instead of replacing the human workforce. The future holds the key to the rise of much more skilled employees rather than stuck in mundane tasks.

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